Electronic Imaging

All of our documents are scanned electronically and held in appropriate files for viewing, retrieving, or sending to customers via email/FAX.

AIT (Automatic ID Technology)

Currently, Siddiqi Logistic Company is not utilizing AIT (bar codes). It is available in our software system, but because we are basically a truckload carrier moving preloaded and/or sealed loads, this is not a system we are utilizing at this time.

Human Information Systems (HIS):

We encourage and support all our drivers and company personnel in their communications with customers on daily basis. This develops partnerships in transportation and allows for the exchange of ideas, assistance and support to meet the mission of getting the freight to our war fighters, our true customers. This occurs at the management level as well, because our customers utilize the direct and regular access to ownership and management by phone, fax and emails. We think these interactions are the real strength of information systems and a high priority for Siddiqi Logistic Company .